5 Cool Things to Do During Latino Heritage Month

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With over 1,400,000 Latinos in the Bay Area, who would have thought that San Francisco doesn’t “officially” celebrate Latino Heritage Month? Well, no need to be “official” because us Latinos would congregate hasta en la casa del vecino to celebrate our history and our culture, not to mention the independence day of 9 different Latin countries including, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, NIcaragua, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Belize. Even though the kick back at the neighbor’s can be more fun than clubbing, here are our top picks on the the hot spots to hit during Latino Heritage Month.

Latinos a Morir presents DJ C Bass and Don Bustamante with the best Latin and Brazilian hits and special performance by a 9- piece mariachi band at midnight!
When: September 18th
Price: $10
Why it makes us proud: The view, the mariachi, the music!

A family event! Enjoy music from Berta Olivia y Mariachi Mexicanisimo, Los Boleros and Acapulco Mariachi Trio dance performance of the Ballet Folklorico Mexicano.
When: September 12th
Price: GRATIS!
Why it makes us proud: You can’t celebrate Mexican independence in a more Mexican way…and it’s free!

Is it getting hot in here? I know you want me…..
When: September 23rd
Price: $26
Why it makes us proud: Only one of the most popular Latin stars on the planet! Spanish ad libs, party starter, hot and mad musical talent, do we need to go on?

Linda Ronstadt directs the Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival, which will feature unforgettable performances by contemporary heroes who will interpret Cesar Chavez’s commitment to justice.
Where: San Jose
When: September 20-27th
Price: Varies
Why it makes us proud: Performances by Little Joe y La Familia, Los Lobos, Carlos Santana and more!

Celebrate revolutionaries and Latino struggles for independence, culture, arts and music through this exciting film series.
Where: La Peña
When: Ongoing in September
Price: Varies
Why it makes us proud: Celebrates our history and heritage.