5 Courses with Phoenix Food Trucks

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Pay a visit to the heart of la Phoenikera on Wednesday nights or around lunch on Fridays, and you’ll find enough food trucks to give foodie cities a run for their money. Or at least to come close. In fact, it’s entirely possible to assemble a five course meal out of just food truck offerings – assuming you’re able to stay outside without melting. Since it’s easy to stand indecisively looking at all the peripheral options, we’ve provided a guide to five meals of food truck goodness. Your wallet and stomach will thank you.

1. Roasted Shallot

This green truck will attract you as all retro things attract hipsters. Stop by for samples of the Fall Harvest Quinoa Salad, a mix up of kale, beets, fennel caramelado, quinoa, feta cheese, apples and toasted almonds. Fresh and zippy, it’ll make you become one of “those” people that linger around sample stands at any given central de abastos gringoide.

Now that you’re lollygagging, either alone – as many downtowners do when their bellies are happy – or with a friend, your next course can be a bigger one. But don’t overdo it unless you wanna sleep it out at the Margaret T. Hance Park. It’s time for course #2.

2. Island Loco

This Hawaiian and Mexican fusion will trigger twirling sensibilities in your tongue. Most recommended are the Kalua Pork Nachos, kiawe-infused (that’s a wood used for grilling) Hawaiian pulled pork (kind of like lechón) served with lomi.

By now you’ve been around the block, you’ve high-fived some people, and you’re ready for an entree. There are two places fit for the job: Sandra Dee’s Catering, certified creole cooking made with Louisiana love, and Queso Good, the quesadilla maquila that puts a cuete in your mouf!

3. Queso Good

If you must chow a cheesydilla, there’s a few “dillas” that these dilahs can delivah (see what I did there…). The menu reads as if written by Memphis Bleek’s spawn: offerings include the Killa Dilla, Pork-A-Dilla and Shroomzilla. Too dope. True to its name, the food truck offers more than one way to get some cheese into your system – also on the menu are the Nacho Mamma (topped with carne asada, spicy “charp cheddar” sauce, beans, salsa bandera, jalapeños, sour cream and guac) and its counterpart the Nacho Daddy (same as the Mamma but with pulled pork).

If you’re able to down a Killa Dilla and you must have more, or if some down-south cooking is your preference, head to the next stop:

4. Sandra Dee’s Catering

This is for stick-to-your ribs eating. Sandra’s Gumbo, Crawfish Ettouffee and Shrimp & Grits have been known to make people moan.

Bayou deliciousness all around, if you haven’t tried some soulful yumminess from Louisiana, this place’s definitely a good introduction, plus Sandra is really cool and you’ll be licking your fingers just like momma told you not to.

¡Ya no te retaques! Your insides quiver at the fantasy of more food like a Roman at a bacchanal. Enter the the last stop on the our food truck tour:

5. Torched Goodness

This place will make you want to have an insulin shot so you can keep eating their flamed goodies. Standing in front of their menu, you’d never guess these ingredients could get torched into a crema quemada.

Eating anything from their menu is like having spoonfuls of angel, specially the Sea Salt Caramel or the Chocolate Flavored infused with Chipotle. But you’ve been a hedonistic foodie, and because of it, that sweet tooth might have to wait till later.