Recently, Jennifer Lopez released “El Anillo,” a song with a baile funk sample and a catchy chorus (“Y el anillo pa’ cuando”).  While some took it as a not-so-veiled message to boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, a young Dominican girl used the song as an opportunity to ask for birthday gifts. In a short video, 5-year-old Yureidis Alexandra Gerónimo explains that it’s April 28, aka her birthday, and she’s wondering about her gifts. She starts singing “y mi regalo pa’ cuando” and mimicking the song’s beat. The video has since gone viral, with even J. Lo sharing it on her Instagram account.

Telemundo caught up with the young J.Lo fan in her home in the DR. “People are saying, ‘Wow, Yureidis, you’re very famous,” she said. “And also, wow, it’s incredible. Yureidis is famous, intelligent, very artistic.”

Her mother, Yudelkis Francisco, explained that Yureidis saw seen J. Lo’s video before April 28. Check out the video profile below:

H/T Novedades Dominicanas