This Precious 5-Year-Old Math Whiz Is a Human Calculator

Lead Photo: Little Big Shots
Little Big Shots
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Like many young children put in front of a camera, 5-year-old Luis Esquivel became easily distracted as he tried to chase his own shadow. But once he and Steve Harvey got to talking about math on Sunday’s episode of Little Big Shots, he showed why he’s his family’s only math whiz.

First, Harvey tested Luis on his ability to double numbers; then, Steve found out that Luis could square numbers like 145 and 162. But it’s not like he mastered how to sit down on a couch. (Jk, just salty that my own math skills suck.) And though the 5 year-old can easily rattle off numbers like 876, 946, 351, 798, 345, 601, 801, Luis and math only go back to last June.

According to the Huffington Post, Luis is an all-around genius interested in spelling, the chemical elements, and the alphabet. His mom said that she first realized his high intelligence at age 2. “He just remembered everything we told him and was able to understand it as well as teach it,” Kiesha Esquivel said.

Check out Luis’ appearance on Little Big Shots below, or watch one of the other videos posted by his mother here.

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