This 6-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Slays Covers of Guns N’ Roses and System of a Down

On a shimmery pink drum set adorned by Elsa, Anna, and other Disney princesses, then-5-year-old Eduarda Henklein played System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” And besides being highly impressive, it’s also so adorable (I mean, those foot pedals are huge compared to her feet) that we’re ready to crown her our new favorite kid. (Sorry, Sophie.) In the video, Eduarda even paused to blow kisses at the camera.

Eduarda, who has been playing since she was 4, has already been getting attention in her native Brazil. Recently, she was on Programa Silvio Santos, where she played a medley of AC/DC, The Beatles, and System of a Down.

Some of her other videos include covers of “Welcome to the Jungle” and the “Star-Spangled Banner.”