This 6-Year-Old Serenading His Classmate Will Make You Believe in Love

Lead Photo: iStock / Getty Images Plus
iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Making a public declaration of love takes courage. And somehow, this 6-year-old boy has already mastered the art of grand gestures. In a video that his teacher – only identified as Oscar – posed on Facebook, the young boy is standing in a gym in front of his peers singing to one girl, who hid her face under a pink sweater. Despite this, the kid belts out Christian Nodal’s “Adiós Amor.”

Though Oscar doesn’t share too many detail about this adorable video, he does tell commenters that the boy sings this song regularly to the girl. The day the video was recorded, he asked Oscar – an after school program director – if he could sing the song in front of the entire gym. He received a standing ovation when he was done.

Check out the sweet video below and prepare to feel all the feels:

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