This 7-Year-Old Pokéntrepreneur Started a Business to Keep “Pokemon Go” Players Safe in the Streets

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Athen Salcedo – a business savvy 7-year-old with a heart of gold – wants to keep eager “Pokemon Go” users safe. Since the augmented reality app’s release on July 6, people have thrown caution to the wind in their pursuit of Pokemon. According to People, these off-brand Ash Ketchums are tripping over their own feet, rolling their ankles, and falling into holes. “My husband and I were talking about ‘Pokemon Go’ safety concerns and how it would be scary to think of kids walking around at dusk,” Auburn Salcedo said. “My son, Athen, being the bright little nugget that he is, suggested light-up pins.” After the Salcedos searched for ways to make this a reality, they decided to go with reflective materials. And that’s how Salcedo created Poke Glo safety buttons. His parents bought an initial batch of supplies, and he spent an entire weekend making buttons for others.

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As Athen recovers after a missile firework struck his chest on the Fourth of July, he’s stayed inside – usually, a bummer for a kid that age, but it’s proven useful for him. He and his family launched a GoFundMe page to raise $500 to get help him jumpstart his side hustle, a Pokebusiness. In just one day, he raised nearly $2,000, and the young entrepreneur revisited his business model. His original Poke Glo balls too closely resembled the trademarked Pokeballs, so he drew up new versions. Athen only planned to make 500 – a number he’s blown way past. After raising so much money, he also started making Poke Glo wrist bands.

The family’s still trying to figure out how to move forward, but they revealed that the products sell between 50 cents and $4. Make a donation here, and even if you don’t, I suggest visiting the page for Athen’s precious updates.