A McCain le gusta la gasolina

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In the latest turn of events in the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain aims to appeal to youth and Latinos alike with a not-so-eloquent endorsement by none other than reggaetonero Daddy Yankee.  Huh? I guess McCain doesn’t have too much of an issue with celebrity after all…

This morning McCain and Yankee (or can we just call him Daddy?) appeared at Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona, where Daddy gave his endorsement of the Republican nominee (and where the audience of high schoolers seemed much more thrilled to see Yankee than McCain himself).

Is this a good move for McCain? Does this change how you view the nominee? How you view Daddy Yankee? Is Daddy Yankee (or any "celebrity" for that matter) even relevant in terms of this election?

So what’s next? Will the Obama camp respond with their own Latino-urban-poster-boy? We kinda see Tego Calderon as an Obama man… or maybe Don Omar? Or will they seek out a different Latin music genre altogether?

Check out the endorsement below (including McCain’s introduction of Daddy Yankee as a family man, and mention of "Gasolina"–hey, if he were really smart, the two could collaborate on some campaign ads about lowering gas prices…), and be sure to let us know what YOU think.