A Selena Quintanilla Hologram is On the Way and Will Tour in 2018

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Ever since a virtual Tupac Shakur took the stage at Coachella in 2012, I knew it was only a matter of time. Reactions to the hologram ranged from awe and excitement to unease and terror, but it was clear that something transformative had happened to the music industry. Suddenly, we had the power to resurrect lost legends, and if Tupac and Michael Jackson were making returns to the stage, I knew a Selena hologram couldn’t be far behind.

Sure enough, rumors began swirling last summer that the plans were under way. The Quintanilla family reportedly met with AV Concepts, the company that specializes in creating these holograms, and was actively investigating how to make the project happen. But then, plans fell through. The images of Selena weren’t high quality enough to create a realistic hologram, and the prices were prohibitive. “After the meeting, when we all went back to the bus, we all agreed that this was not good enough for the fans,” Selena’s brother A.B. Quintanilla told the AP. “She looked like a ghost, the images weren’t clear and when it comes to Selena, we all expect a quality product.” Her father Don Q added, “The prices they’re asking are ridiculous and you have to move a lot of equipment only to show the hologram of one song.”

But now it looks like they’ve found a way around these obstacles. The Quintanilla family announced on Facebook that the project is back underway, this time in collaboration with Acrovirt, LLC. On April 16th, they’ll be launching an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the $500k necessary to launch the hologram – called Selena the One.

The Selena hologram will not only perform the beloved legend’s biggest hits, but will also release new songs and videos, collaborate with current artists and go on tour in 2018.

To be honest, I’m not sure how to feel about this. As much as I love Selena and would have killed to be able to see her live, there is something a little creepy about resurrecting the dead in this way. With that said, I’ll definitely be at that 2018 tour though, let’s be real.

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