A. Spencer

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Name: A. Spencer. I’m also known for use other aliases for certain festivities & occasions. It keeps things fun & it shows my wide variety of musical taste.

Age: 32

Roots: Ecuadorian / Puerto Rican, I was born & raised in beautiful Brooklyn, N.Y.

Where do you spin?
My current residency is at Double Happiness. Usually at the beginning of the night people are having their martini, talking to their friends and around 1:30 am after a few drinks the dancing takes off in a big way. The crowd is usually a good mixture downtown N.Y.C. artists along with professional people out to let loose

Favorite song of the moment: My favorite right now & it’s catching on is a group called Diamond Nights, their song Girls Attractive

Most overplayed song: Any Micheal Jackson or Prince, especially Kiss

Last great concert you attended: P.J Harvey

Original sounds: I have produced a string of House music records during the past 12 years that have been released in the U.S. & Europe. My music usually does better overseas. I also write & remix other artists’ music, in particular house music legend Pal Joey.

Day job? My last odd job was caring for hi-end pooches in the Upper East Side!

For the afterhours affair: APT is a sureshot. Then on Saturday nights every few weeks theres a loft party that happens in Williamsburg called the Rubulad!! It’s a fantastic organic collaboration of artists stemming from live music, dj’s & visuals in an out of the ordinary setting. There’s usually about 1000 people partying their brains out till about 9:00am in the morning.

Why you love NY: The constant movement amongst the people, the extraordinary characters, sweet souls & great talents. It’s the city that never shuts up!

What is a cosmopolatino anyway? Being hip & aware of your roots while making use of all the cultural resources available to you in this great city. It’s all for the tasting…

Catch A. Spencer every Friday and Saturday nights at Double Happiness, located at 173 Mott St. between Grand and Broome Sts in Manhattan. You can contact the DJ at .