AAF Contemporary Art Fair

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Taking by storm the piers of the west side highway, the annual AAF Contemporary Art Fair. This particular fair has the premise of exhibiting a democratic number of galleries that sell Fine Art within the price range of $100 to $5000.The fair was first Launched in New York in 2002, and since then has had a steady and successful turn out of art enthusiasts, art amateurs and curious cats, who may not have the bank account of a Rockefeller. This year more than 130 Galleries are set to exhibit, from which more than forty come from Canada, South America and Europe. The Galleries in this year’s fair represent a wide array of emerging artists all working in different kinds of media.

The AAF is an opportunity not only for audiences to see art that they can actually imagine hanging on the living room wall, but also for artists to build up an audience and widespread of their name. This year the fair counts on a notable representation of Latin American arists by a relative number of galleries. Among these galleries, we want to highlight Galeria Galou, a small but prominent space found in the emerging Williamsburg Art scene. Galeria Galou has granted significant support towards emerging artists on a local and international level, and has emphasized on cultural diversity and variety in medium. Among the Latin American artists that will be represented by Galeria Galou are, Patricia Cazorla, Leonor Mendoza, Yucef Merhi and Nancy Saleme.

Another gallery worth noting is Henrique Faria Fine Art. This gallery is found in the Upper East Side and specializes on art that is stylistically charged with geomentrical elements and the plays with lines and shapes. Among the artists that this gallery is bringing to the public, are Brazilian Anna Maria Maiolino and Jose Bechara, Colombian Luis Fernando Roldan, and Venezuelans Nela Ochoa, Oscar Machado, Juan Iribarren and Lucia Pizzani among others.

The AAF will be on show from Thursday October 28th through Sunday, October 31.