This Abuelo Going HAM on a Zombie-Killing VR Game Will Crack You Up

Lead Photo: Leonardo Ramallo

It was only a few years ago that our abuelos were making their first contact with HD TV sets, then came smartphones, and we all had a good laugh as they tried to make sense out of this “feibu” phenomenon; but now thanks to the ongoing virtual reality revolution, there’s a whole new technological world for our abues to awkwardly fumble their way through.

That is, unless you’re the ass-kicking grandpa featured in Leonardo Ramallo’s video. According to Ramallo, Grandpa Ramallo – who appears to be Cuban – celebrated his 81st birthday by playing the Brookhaven Experiment demo. At first, he needed some guidance, but eventually, he started to go HAM. With a stinging jab and killer right hook, this venerable Don Anónimo can be seen smacking the living crap out of marauding zombies as his family looks on in amusement — amusement that quickly gives way to panic when grandpa comes a little too close to the front window, then nearly tramples the computer, and ultimately sends his family scrambling in terror as he continues his zombie-busting rampage.

The tense situation is diffused when a daughter-figure valiantly steps in and removes the VR headset from abuelo’s cranium, reminding him that he is actually in a cramped living room filled with furniture, electric cords, and a number of other hazards. It seems like a boatload of laughs for this family, but after a display of such lethal moves, we certainly pity anyone who tries to step to this viejito.