This Man Rode His Horse Into an Acapulco Supermarket to Buy Some Cold Beer

Lead Photo: Photo: Lea Roth/Getty Images
Photo: Lea Roth/Getty Images
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When you have to make a beer run, few things matter more than getting to the grocery store as fast as possible. You’re working? Having a heart-to-heart with your madre? Doesn’t matter; when you want a cold one, you’ll go for it above all else. At least, that’s what one heroic gentleman thought over the weekend, when he went to a store in Acapulco for a six-pack of Tecates.

The only problem? He rode into the store on the back of his majestic stallion:

The man was reportedly a part of the Cabalgata Nacional por el Turismo in the Guerrero municipality, and he decided to–quite literally–ride the excitement from the competition into the store.

If you think that it’s a little mean to have a large adult horse in the confined space of a grocery store, you’re not alone; the man is heard in the video saying as much. “There are the Tecates, charge me for them, because this wey is all anxious,” he says, referring to the horse, who likely was not enjoying the beer run in quite the same way as his rider would.