According to Browsing Data, Mexican Visitors Were Biggest Sex Tourists at Rio Olympics

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This week, Net Index Eliminalia outed Mexicans as the biggest sex tourists during the 2016 Rio Olympics. According to the site dedicated to erasing people’s online past, Mexicans at the Olympics most frequently used the internet to procure sex services. This includes not only Olympians, but also coaches, technical staff, members of the delegation’s governing body, and journalists. The site received 331 requests from people seeking to cover their virtual tracks, Aristegui Noticias reports. Argentina came in second place with 189 requests, and Brazil in third place with 124 pleas.

After police raided a building near the Olympic Park that housed sex workers on July 28, people began to turn to the internet because of its perceived increased discretion. “The issue of prostitution during the Olympic Games in Rio became evident beforehand when the Brazilian organizing committee announced it would hand out 450,000 preservatives for the 10,500 athletes. That is, 42 condoms per athlete, which is an average of three per day of competition,” the report stated, adding that it’s triple the number of condoms given out at the 2012 London games. Index Eliminalia also acknowledges that the government passed out condoms because of the Zika virus and to protect people from contracting STIs.