Adidas Misspelled Colombia in New Ads, and People Are Pissed

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Despite outfitting la Selección Colombiana since at least 2011 – including this year’s Copa América Centenario – Adidas still struggles to spell the name of the South American country correctly. In a new campaign fronted by James Rodríguez, Juan Cuadrado, Frank Fabra, and Edwin Cardona, Adidas made the ultimate mistake when it featured the word “Columbia” in bold white letters.

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It’s kind of hard to miss, but none of the many eyes at Adidas caught it. Now people are rightfully calling the company out on Twitter, and reminding them that it’s Colombia and not Columbia. Check out a few tweets below:

To add insult to injury, on Adidas’ website, they also misspelled Colombia, and they have yet to fix it. Check it out here, but we also kept the receipts just in case.