Adriana Lima: Victoria's Secret Brazilian Bombshell

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Adriana Lima is inarguably as emblematic of Brazilian culture as Samba is these days—although, clearly, we can’t get enough of the country’s other riches evidenced by THIS and THIS. But, after chatting up the supermodel during the recent New York City launch of Bombshell, Victoria’s Secret new fragrance collection, we’ve acquired yet another reason to love the behemoth South American country. Adriana’s not only versed in almost-impossible-to-pronounce floral notes and fragrances, but she’s also a meatand-potatoes churrascaria-[salad]-buffet kind of girl.

So, for her “scentual” prowess and love of all-you-can-eat eateries, Adriana Lima is our favorite supermodel—and not just cause she smells good, which, trust us, she does.

What do you think makes a bombshell?
“Bombshell” is about attitude, it’s about embracing yourself —who you really are—enjoying life and having fun.

Tell us about the new perfume.
It’s very… -for every woman. It’s subtle, it’s glamorous, and it features notes of peonies, vanilla, orchids, purple passion fruits. It’s for day and night —it’s so beautiful that you can use day or night. The bottle – I love the shape because it’s like an emerald cut, it’s like a jewel that you can just carry in your bag.

You smell good. Are you wearing Bombshell?
I love perfume. I can’t step outside [my] home without my perfume. I carry [it] in my bag everywhere. Before the fashion show I spray perfume on me, helps me feel the feeling of confidence and you know it’s part of me. Perfume is part of me; it’s part of my personality.

How do you keep up with all things Brazilian?
Well, to keep in touch with my culture, you know, I watch Brazilian soap operas, you know you Brazilian TV…

Do you have a favorite soap opera?
Well.. Sinhá Moça. It’s kind of an older one and I like it. [It aired in 2006.]

What restaurant in the city that you visit when you’re feeling homesick?
Plataforma Churrascaria. Plataforma. Yes.