Adriano Espaillat made history on Tuesday. He became the first formerly undocumented immigrant and first Dominican-American sworn in to Congress. He also probably became the first to roll deep con el coro. Joined by more than 400 supporters at the Capitol’s Visitor Center – many waving Dominican flags – people came out to see one of their own become a Congressman. The biggest auditorium in the capitol didn’t suffice. The crowd even spilled over to four additional rooms to watch the swearing-in ceremony, according to NBC News. 18 buses carried supporters from New York City to DC.

After repeating his oath, the crowd erupted in applause. He then led the crowd to chant “Espaillat que vamos.” During his speech, however, he focused on community. Listing the Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Albanians, Vietnamese, African Americans, Mexicans, and other cultures that make up his district, Espaillat highlighted the important role they play collectively. “We have a strong diversity, and that’s what we have in our hands,” he said. “That’s our greatest strength.” He also told the crowd that he’d focus on channeling money into housing.

And then Espaillat celebrated in the most appropriate way possible: he danced merengue. Check out the most lit swearing in ceremony below: