Adventures with XoXa

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Tonight, right after the Kinky concert at Blender Theatre, Remezcla is sponsoring the Nacotheque official afterparty at Beauty Bar. Once again, our intrepid photographer Esteban Gonzalez will be taking over the Photo Booth, starring XoXa the Doll …if she appears.

Last time XoXa and Esteban were in charge of the Photo Booth at Nacotheque, it was quite an experience, as Esteban himself recounts how that fateful night unrolled:

I lost Xoxa; the one woman I would spend the rest of the evening with (and come home with) was lost. I knew she was somewhere in my apartment! Ah ha, I FOUND HER. Esa maldita was hiding in my back pocket. Now with my woman and my camera in hand, I was off to Nacotheque, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a dance party in Chinatown that highlights new and old, popular and obscure music from all over Latin America and Spain: rock n’ roll, new wave, indie rock, baile-funk, nouveau-eighties, electropop, disco, cumbia, punk, and some hip-hop.

$8 later (cab ride), my girl and I had arrived at Fontana’s. We made our way trough the crowds making sure not to knock anyone’s drink out of their hands. I was greeted by Amylu (on half of the Nacotheque DJ tag team) and as I began to set up to being my photo op, she stopped me and said to me one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me ‘Relax, go get a drink.’ Ah, music to my ears!

It was show time; XoXa was a hit from make-out session to chugging beer to guy on guy on girl action. Wait, after this guy on guy on girl action, one of the guys turns to me and says “I’m Bi.” “Well, congratulations!” is all I could think to say to him. But, XoXa, who now was looking a little more like Gloria Trevi, was a hot mess. And loving it, I continued to shoot and at one point (basically all night) abandoned the photo booth. The night had come to an end and morning was about to begin, so with my camera, my wallet/keys/phone and girl in hand, to home we go… Wait!  Where the fuck is XoXa?