For years, 33-year-old Alejandra Pablos has fought for herself and her communities. Pablos, a reproductive rights and immigrants rights activist, is undocumented. This week, a federal judge in Tucson, Arizona, ordered her deportation. Now, her community is fighting back for her, calling for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to pardon Ale, and give her a chance to remain in the United States.

Born in Mexico, Ale grew up in California and Arizona. She became a community organizer at 16 and has contributed to her community since then. But at some point, Alejandra was arrested and convicted of several charges, including Driving Under the Influence and possession of drug paraphernalia. Some of these count as felonies in Arizona, and eventually she spent two years of her life at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona. Even though her parents are naturalized citizens, she lost her residency and was placed in deportation proceedings. But eventually, she was released and she continued advocating for those who needed it most.

But despite the fact that she’s grown up in the United States and all the important work she’s done through several organizations, including Mijente, Nation Network of Abortion Funds, and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Rights, she’s at risk of deportation. In Mexico, she believes she’ll be a target because of her activism.

“If I see injustices, I’m going to speak out against them,” she said, according to Arizona Daily Star. “…I’ve been living here since I was a baby, and Arizona is the place where I’ve grown up and learned how to fight for our rights.”

Pablos plans to appeal the decision, but in the meantime, those who have her back are pressuring Ducey to pardon her. Using the hashtag #KeepAleFree, people are shining a light on Ale’s case. And on the Action Network, more than 6,000 have signed a petition asking the governor to pardon her.

“Alejandra was denied Asylum by an immigration judge in Tucson, Arizona, on December 11, 2018. Getting a pardon from the Governor is her last chance to stay in the U.S. with her family and community,” the petition reads. “Alejandra has been a staunch advocate for immigration reform and criminal justice reform, and shares America’s vision of seeing our communities thrive. We need more leaders like Alejandra here and not separated from her family and loved ones.”

Sign the petition here.