Alfredo Jaar’s Massive Light Installation Reminds Trump That America Is a Continent

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In 1987 – during a particularly tense period in United States-Latin American relations – Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar first debuted his A Logo for America in Times Square. The hard-to-miss display featured the words “This Is Not America” over the map of the United States. The message took aim at U.S. citizens for taking ownership of the word American, which as many Latinoamericanos will point out, belongs to everyone who lives on the American continent.

Jaar brought back the installation to Times Square in 2014, and this summer, it will make another appearance, according to The Guardian. This time, the neon letters will shine bright at London’s Piccadilly Circus for South London Gallery’s Latin American art exhibition called Under the Same Sun. And it directly challenges the “Make America Great Again” slogan that is the cornerstone of Donald Trump’s xenophobic and racist campaign. As Trump and his supporters attempt to characterize Latinos, Muslims, and other groups as “non-Americans,” this installment is a reminder that Trump has as big a misunderstanding of the term America, as he does the United States.

The Under the Same Sun exhibit will run from June 10 to September 4 at the SLG Galleries and Fire Stations in London. Check the #UndertheSameSun hashtag for more updates.