ALT+INDI: From L.A. Warehouses to Weekly Parties

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ALT+INDI is the Last Word in Independent Latin Music. Sponsored by Heineken and produced nationally in cultural landscapes like New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles, each episode pairs up home-grown artists for a revealing conversation about the working musicians’ grind on the Latin alternative/indie circuit.

For the second episode of our ALT+INDI video series, we head to Los Angeles, where a bevy of Latinos flock toward its palm trees, taco trucks, and playas. Spearheading LA’s ALT+INDI beat, CECI BASTIDA, MUCHO WEDNESDAYS’ RICKY GARAY, and GUILLERMO EASTSIDE LUV hold forth on:

i. creating a home/hub in LA

ii. the Tijuana transition

iii. warehouse and auto shop invasions