ALT+INDI: Parrandeando in NYC

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ALT+INDI is the Last Word in Independent Latin Music. Sponsored by Heineken and produced nationally in cultural landscapes like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, each episode pairs up home-grown artists for a revealing conversation about the working musicians’ grind on the Latin alternative/indie circuit.

For the second episode of our ALT+INDI video series, we head to New York, a Mecca for all things Hispanic, from food to music to loudness. Spearheading New York’s ALT+INDI beat, CHICO MANN, QUE BAJO’S GEKO JONES, and RAQUEL BERRIOS aka DJ ROCK-L hold forth on:

i. parrandeando around NYC

ii. freestyling at marquesina parties

iii. sketchy (semi-prostitution) Mexican bars