Remezcla's Altar de Muertos 2011

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Each year at this time, Mexicans and Mexican Americans celebrate Día de los Muertos in remembrance of lost loved ones and in celebration of life. The holiday is connected to the Catholic tradition of All Saint’s Day and ancient Aztec parties in honor of the goddess Mictecacihuatl (say that five times fast). Part of the tradition is to build beautiful Altares de Muertos, altars commemorating the dearly departed, with offerings of tequila, pan de muertos, flowers, and anything else the loved ones – whose pictures the altar is adorned with – may like.

We at Remezcla decided to create our own 2011 Altar de Muertos to look back at some things we’ve lost. Please. A moment of silence.

JLo and Marc Anthony’s marriage, 2004-2011
Kim and Kris’ marriage, 2011
Wanting to claim Charlie Sheen as Hispanic, ? – 2011

R.E.M., 1980-2011
Pitbull’s novelty, 2002-2011
Lopez Tonight, 2009-2011
Marco Rubio’s credibility, 2011
Rita Indiana’s performance career, 2008-2011

In Memoriam 2011

Eliseo Alberto, author 1951-2011
Johnny Albino, singer 1919-2011
Alberto Anchart, actor 1931-2011

Joe Arroyo, singer 1955-2011
Salvador Bernárdez, soccer player 1953-2011
Claudio Bravo, painter 1936-2011
Édison Chará, soccer player 1980-2011
Doctor X, luchador enmascarado 1968-2011
Ignacio Flores, soccer player 1953-2011
Manuel Galbán, Buena Vista Social Club guitarist 1931-2011
Alberto Granado, biochemist and Ernesto Guevara’s travel buddy 1922-2011
José Sanchis Grau, cartoonist 1932-2011
Gaspar “Capulina” Henaine Pérez, actor/comedian 1926-2011
Bernardo Jablonski, actor/director/writer 1952-2011
Héctor López Colín, boxer 1967-2011

Rafael Menjívar Ochoa, author/activist 1959-2011

Carlos Pascual, baseball player 1931-2011

Laura Inés Pollán Toledo, Cuban opposition leader 1948-2011
Raúl Ruiz, film director 1941-2011
Ezra Sued, soccer player 1928-2011
Piri Thomas, author 1928-2011
José Antonio Torres Martino, painter/journalist 1916-2011
José Miguel Varas, author 1928-2011
Jose Vasconcelos, actor/comedian 1926-2011

Walter Vidarte, actor 1931-2011