America’s No. 1 Chambelan Justin Bieber Dances to “Kulikitaka”

Lead Photo: The Associated Press

While it’s not surprising to see Justin Bieber dance, we didn’t expect him to be this good at merengue. Bieber was recently on 92.3 AMP Radio NY where he showed just why he’s the world’s No. 1 chambelan when danced to Toño Rosario’s “Kulikitaka.” The Biebs does a lot of hip shaking, which is really crucial if you’re dancing merengue. Last month, Skrillex also tried to dance to “Kulikitaka,” and I can easily say that Bieber did a better job. Though, when it comes to sheer excitement, no one can touch Skrillex.

And if you’re like me, you probably were wondering what Justin was wearing, so here you go: