AmoLatina Mail Order Brides Hosted On Remezcla. WTF!?

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Weird ads are popping up on Remezcla. Google tiene la culpa. Yesterday the “ad choices” brought us our all time favorite, AmoLatina–basically, a service for mail order Latina brides. We know Google is just trying to target users and its algorithms think we are all solo peeps up here on Remezcla looking for hot Latina chicks, and maybe we are. Pero, like…mail order brides? This site could be contributing to the international sex slave trade (hope not), or a scam site, and we are not associated with that. I don’t know. Is it just me? Or is there something off about Remezcla having ads that we don’t know are up– randomized by google– that are selling Latin girls as the product. It’s like disturbing. Que raro.

Also, have you seen the stretched out women at the top of the screen??