Ana Navarro Calls Out Arizona Senator & The Reactions Are Mixed

Lead Photo: Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen's Capital Food Fight
Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen's Capital Food Fight
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The View co-host Ana Navarro took to Twitter to call out Senator Kyrsten Sinema and she doesn’t care who is offended. Specifically, Navarro took issue with Sinema’s lack of professionalism and the double standards that women of color have to deal with when it comes to their attire in comparison. This comes as Sinema wore a black t-shirt with a denim vest, not while out shopping at the grocery store or hanging out with friends, but while she presided over the Senate floor on Tuesday. 

“I really don’t care who gets triggered by me bringing race into this,” Navarro wrote in her social media post, pointing out the double standard. “The truth is, no woman of color could possibly dress like this, and act like this, and be taken seriously, much less elected.”


The post, not surprisingly, had many likes, retweets, and comments. Some agreed with Navarro’s comments regardless of their own ethnicity or nationality.

“As a white woman, I endorse this message wholeheartedly,” wrote one user. 

Another user wrote, “As a white woman, I don’t think what she wore was respectful of the office. And I certainly agree that if she were Black or Latina, it would have been a lead-in on all of the “news” shows last night.”

“I am Latina. You are correct. My late mother would come back from the dead and smack me if I looked like this,” wrote a Latine user.

A small number of comments called out Navarro, like the one below.


Many also pointed back to the tan suit that President Obama wore and how Republicans lost it when that happened, another clear sign that there are double standards even for a sitting President if he is a man of color. And some were more concerned with the imagery Sinema’s outfit brings to mind aka the January 6th attack on the Capitol, where Trump supporters sat in that chair and took photos as if they hadn’t just broken into a federal building.