Andres Levin's DIY Music and Art Festival

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“If you build it, they will come.” Born from the annals of Kevin Costner’s cornfield, this message still holds up today, 20 years after the baseball juggernaut Field of Dreams was released. Apparently, this old adage still rings true to über-producer Andres Levin. In honor of the thought, he’s built his own Field of Dreams (Un Mundo Nuevo), right on the expansive grass of Celebrate Brooklyn!’s Prospect Park. In one day, he’s managed to collect artists of all types to showcase their talents. One epic, free DIY-style day of music and visual art.

Levin is no stranger to putting on a production. The Venezuelan music-head has worked with Caetano Veloso, Aterciopelados, Los Amigos Invisibles, Ely Guerra, and other Latin music artists, as well as the non: David Byrne, Tina Turner, INXS, The B-52s, etc.

On Saturday, July 24th the event will take place, featuring artists like neo-soulsters Les Nubians, Levin’s fusion outfit Yerba Buena with wife CuCu Diamantes (who will also perform solo), hip hop’s M1 from Dead Prez, as well as Pablo Picasso, Gregorio Uribe Big Band, and many more.

Field of Dreams is different from other music festivals at Celebrate Brooklyn! or anywhere else. The vibe of the event is world fair with mixtures of art in all shapes and sizes. Every corner of the park will house art, with stage acts performing something for every music palate. Oh, and the oh-so Puerto Rican Luis Guzman (aka Pachanga from Carlito’s Way) will MC the event. Again, there’s something for everyone!

Levin is co-partnering with The Bruce High Quality Foundation, an organization dedicated to the legacy of the late social sculptor Bruce High Quality.