Kid Who Became a Meme After Crying on First Day of School Is a Big Boy Now, Will Still Miss His Mom

Lead Photo: KTLA
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Two years ago, a 4-year-old Andrew Macias cemented his place in meme history. When KTLA-5 reporter Courtney Friel asked Andrew if he felt excited to start preschool, he said “yes.” But when she asked him if he’d miss his mom, he responded no, giggled, and immediately broke down in tears. The video went insanely viral and was GIFed to no end, and he even ended up on The Ellen Show. Two years later, Friel caught up with a now 6-year-old Andrew.

Andrew’s now heading to first grade, and he’s just as excited about school as two years ago. However, this time when Friel asked him if he’d miss his mom, he had a different, but still adorable, answer. Check out the video below and learn what life has been like for Andrew in the last couple of years:

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