Anitta Gets Advice from Mariah Carey — & We’re Kind of Jealous

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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The world is increasingly learning about the musical power that is Anitta. The popular musician is unabashedly herself in all circumstances and we love to see women owning the world. Yet, even though Anitta has the world dancing to “Me Gusta,” she is always willing to take advice from people she looks up to: her mom and Mariah Carey.

In an interview with EW!’s Bold School series, Anitta opened up about the importance of getting advice from the two women she looks up to the most. Even as she makes powerhouse music, Anitta still needs a little reassurance from time to time.

At one point in her career, someone close to her suggested that she takes a step back. As a rising star, the musician suggested to Anitta that it would be helpful in dealing with the pressure of becoming a star. She was not interested in cutting into her career to step back.

“I told this advice to Mariah Carey when we were talking, and she was like, ‘What kind of sh—ty advice was that?!’” Anitta told EW!’s Bold School series. She continued and said that Carey gave her advice back and said, “You’re strong. You should always remember that.”

Anitta is proud of who she is and stands comfortable in her skin and experience. She shows this pride in her art. Her recent song “Faking Love” with Saweetie has a nod to her own upbringing. Anitta mixed “my rhythm from my favela, from my hood” with pop and electronic vibes and gifted the bop to the world.