73-Year-Old Former President of Peru’s Congress Launches Political Campaign and Embarrassing Rap Career

Ántero Flores Aráoz, the 73-year-old former President of Peru’s Congress, has launched his campaign for governor, as well as his rap career. He released a video where he “raps” over a reggaeton beat while surrounded by fake-ass Garfields, all in order to drive home the point that he is a “gato fiero.” I don’t know how much he’ll appeal to Peruvian youths, but I do appreciate that he fires shots at his opponents. “A que te gano, [insert name of five of his opponents here], a que te gano,” he said. Yeah, he got kinda lazy, but he recovered with, “A que te gano Acuño, a que te aruño.” Solid.

This is almost a home run, but I can’t sign off on it. It seems that even for the shortest and latest in the game of rap careers, objectifying women was the easiest part of rap for him to pick up on. That cat outfit gave me some serious Mean Girls vibes.