This Comic Anthology by Boricua Artists Will Be a Loving Tribute to Puerto Rico’s Resilience

Lead Photo: Photo by Natanael Ginting/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Natanael Ginting/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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More than two months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, the island still has a long road to recovery. But as time passes, the needs of isleños will go unreported and unacknowledged. Indie publisher Lion Forge Comics is doing its part to make sure the crisis that has unfolded in Puerto Rico does not go forgotten. In March 2018, the publisher is set to release Puerto Rico Strong, an anthology that will raise money for recovery efforts.

The title will feature the works of several Puerto Rican creators, including Vita Ayala, Rosa Colón, Naomi Franquiz, and Argentine Fabian Nicieza, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Lion Forge’s Desiree Rodríguez, Dabel Brothers Publishing Neil Schwartz and Derek Ruiz, and Marco Lopez – who co-created Orion’s Belt – will edit the anthology.

Giving Puerto Ricans a chance to tell these stories means the audience can expect authenticity, and this is crucial after President Donald Trump has spread so much misinformation about the island. It will also serve as a reminder that what happens on Puerto Rico should matter to those on the mainland.

“For many, Puerto Rico is often considered a foreign land rather than a part of the United States,” Rodriguez said in a statement from the publisher. “What we hope to accomplish here is showcasing the vast diversity of Puerto Rico of our community and our history. There are those of us whose parents immigrated from the island, or who have family on the island still, or have never even seen Puerto Rico. We want to explore those stories of struggle and triumph through that lens.”

Lion Forge will release the anthology in March. All of the profits will go to helping the island. Pre-order here.