Arizona’s Spanish-Language Networks Have Joined Forces to Take Down Trump

Lead Photo: Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters
Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters
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Arizona media outlets that typically compete with each other are dedicating the next 10 weeks to shutting down Donald Trump. As the election quickly approaches, the networks will work to turn the southwestern swing state blue for the first time in 20 years. And they’re betting on Arizona’s 992,000 eligible Latino voters.

In response to Trump’s xenophobic campaign, Spanish-language networks, radio stations, and newspapers will join forces to get Latino voters to turn out in November, according to BuzzFeed. The last time Univision, Telemundo, Azteca America, and other networks came together was because of the “show me your papers” SB1070 immigration law. “This today, to me, is also an emergency,” said Ben Moterroso, Mi Familia Vota’s executive director and the man who started the initiative. “We have seen [Joe] Arpaio disrespecting and going against out community for many years. The fact that Donald Trump is using Arpaio as one of his validators is a motivating reason why our community should participate in the elections and why I believe the Spanish-language media doing their part to inform, motivate and invite participation is crucial.”

As part of this new effort, personalities from the networks will star in some of the 2,500 ads aimed at Latino voters. But the outlets aren’t stopping there. Registrations, phone banking, and encouraging Latinos to vote early are also top priorities. “I think it’s smart,” Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva told BuzzFeed. “Spanish-language media, from los periodicos chiquitos en cada pueblo – small weekly papers – radio, and TV, for them to get into registration and participation is smart.”

The announcement came ahead of Trump’s immigration speech in Arizona tonight. And based on what we’ve seen for more than a year, it wouldn’t be surprising if today serves as additional fuel for Latino turnout.