Art Show Invasion

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Fashion Week might be over but there’s another deluge of fashionable people and pretty things in town: Art Fairs. It all starts with The Armory Show, “the international fair of new art”, where 240 galleries from more than 20 countries show off their latest acquisitions on Pier 94 on the West Side.

But The Armory is the more established of the fairs, and smaller, more alternative fairs have popped up like mushrooms at the same time as Armory to show emerging art. There are shuttles from one fair to the other and related events all over town as well.

We checked out Volta last night (at 7 West 34th St, the old stomping grounds of Fairchild Publications) and we came across some interesting Latino artists, especially Alejandro Diaz (who lives and works in New York), Brazilian Maria Nepomuceno, and Miguel Angel Madrigal (Mexico City). What’s interesting about Volta is their concept of “a solo project fair,” where all the artists exhibited are chosen within the framework of “Age of Anxiety.”

Other fairs to check out include SCOPE, PULSE, Bridge, and the list goes on an on.

Some highlights from Volta:

Maria Nepomuceno’s mutant hammocks were a twist to the “Age of Anxiety” theme.

Mexican artist Miguel Angel Madrigal shows off his wood structure.

Chilean Francisco Valdes’s Star Wars fixation.

Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz