As Beard Transplants Get More Popular, Allow Us to Suggest This Option

Lead Photo: The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Beards come in different shapes and sizes – just check out NBC’s guide to see 10+ styles that Latinos have made their own – but not everyone is follicularly blessed. Some, probably driven by all the beard-heavy content on the Internet in the last few years, have decided to go the $$$ route and get beard transplants. The New York Times reports that those suffering from baby faced syndrome have been driven to spend up to $22,000 on this procedure.

Others, though, have found a way around it. A video shared on Sinaloa mp3’s Facebook shows that a more budget-friendly option exists – something akin to those who fill in their eyebrows so that they more closely resemble Cara Delevigne’s. It is, however, a more time-consuming and meticulous process.

This barber uses a straight razor to keep the lines clean and a double-sided brush to subtly fill in the beard. It’s such a long process that the short two-minute video doesn’t really get you any closer to finding out what his full face beard would look like all filled in. Check out the video below to see what I’ve decided are the steadiest hands in the biz:

Cuando no tienes barba y reciclan el poco pelo que tienes, jajaja. se pasan de verga la neta. Son punaladas esas o que?ComparteloSinaloa Mp3

Posted by Sinaloa Mp3 on Friday, October 2, 2015