There is a Latin American Version of Urban Dictionary

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Aside from Yahoo! Answers, Urban Dictionary might be one of my favorite websites of all time — a staple go-to for both entertainment and edification. Need to know what “fleek” is and why everyone’s eyebrows are on it? Urban Dictionary. Need to understand StarCraft 2 terminology? Urban Dictionary dat.

So I was pretty amped to discover that an analogous site exists for Latin American slang, which is arguably way more complicated to understand, given the sheer number of national and intra-country variations. (It took me a year of working with Mexicans to master the various applications of “pedo”).

The site is called “Asi Hablamos,” and like Urban Dictionary, it provides user-generated definitions for terms as well as sample sentences where you can see how the terms might be used in conversation. It also breaks it down to you by country — which can help you avoid awkward missteps, like when I kept yelling “pucha” at work:

“Pucha” for me:

“Pucha” for a third of my co-workers:

The more you know.

Check out Asi Hablamos here, and go forth and submit your knowledge of the slang in the skreets.