These BFFs Won a Year’s Supply of Avocados for This Ridiculous Haircut

Lead Photo: Photo by Westend61
Photo by Westend61
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What would you do for a Klondike Bar year’s supply of avocados? That’s what Avocados From Mexico set out to learn ahead of the Super Bowl by challenging people to shave and dye their hair to more closely resemble the fruit. In a video posted to YouTube this week, the company challenged people to talk their BFFs into committing to the Rowlf haircut, that is shaving the middle section and leaving the rest of it long. They also had to dye the remaining hair green.

The people who took on the challenge could only tell their friends that they’d receive a year’s supply of avocados and couldn’t mention the fact that if they went through with the haircut, they’d also win tickets to the Super Bowl.

It looks pretty ridiculous. But then again, they have a year’s supply of avocados, so they likely won’t go broke buying avocado toast. Check out the video below:

H/T Mitú