RIP to All the Avocados We Lost Due to This Devastating Accident in Texas

Lead Photo: Photo by Westend61
Photo by Westend61
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It’s a real, true life Halloween scary story: 40,000 pounds worth of avocados — the primary component of the world-renowned potluck dish at Latino parties and the key element of the extremely overpriced Australian favorite known as “avo toast” — were squandered in a tragic accident on Interstate 10 in Texas. Thousands of our green friends were left on the side of the road, and there’s no word on how many made it out alive.

The avocado truck was reportedly struck, causing it to veer off the highway and turn over. Traffic was diverted for 13 hours following the collision.

It rained for hours following the accident, leading to an even messier situation.

Fortunately, every human involved in the accident is alive. According to CNN, two people were injured – one quite seriously. Both were immediately transported by EMS. A third person from a passenger van involved in the mishap was driven away.

“Luckily the tanker truck that struck them did not turn over like they did, and also luckily was empty at the time,” Sergeant Homero Balderas of Cibolo Police department told the news outlet.

The Cibolo Police Department apparently joked that it should have been donuts instead.

Here is to no good food going to waste this lovely holiday season. And when it comes to the side-of-the-road leftovers, might I suggest donating it to a local bird community?