Awful Parts of Arizona Law Rejected For The Most Part…Not Really

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Por dios, what’s happening in Arizona is as scary as 1940s Germany. Had to say so. At least on Monday the Supreme Court ruled against 3 out of 4 of the harshest laws on undocumented immigrants, including: (1) a law that would allow police to arrest people who look like immigrants without a warrant on probable cause alone. (2) A law that would require immigrants to carry their immigration papers with them at all times (why not just make it a symbol they wear on their jacket?). (3) A law that would ban undocumented immigrants from soliciting any kind of work at all. Who is going to pick your fucking tomatoes then you assholes? Your sons and daughters?

The court upheld the most controversial of the laws: police can now check peoples’ immigration status as they are “upholding another law.”