Awkward Turtleneck (A New Phrase I Coined)

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I’m kinda embarrassed to admit it, but I eat lunch every day by myself inside Burger King; not because I love the interior, but because there’s literally no place else to eat a freakin’ salad during my lunch break. And you know how played out eating at your desk gets. So I use Burger King’s facilities to eat my homemade lunches while staring at all the freaks that come in and out of this joint. Sometimes I get harassed, but most of the time it’s a peaceful break from the computer.

Today I walked into my greasy-windowed hangout unaware that our Director of IT was sitting inside solo eating Chinese food (but at least he had the decency to buy a coke.) I tried to walk out before he could see me, but sure enough we locked eyes. Mind you, there’s a slight chance he has a crush on me, probably for the mere fact that I’m new.

I was forced to walk over to him and say hi, trying to pretend that I just wanted to browse the menu. I put my stuff down at a table situated near him before he stopped me and said, "Why are you sitting so far? Come sit over here." So there I was, eating a salad I didn’t buy from Burger King with a man I barely knew from work who might have a crush on me.

He told me his whole life story and I told him mine. He said he came from a corporate company, which is why he wears a suit everyday. He said he hates Bush and doesn’t know why he’s messing with Iran. I agreed and asked him if the U.S. is going to invade Iran. He shrugged his shoulders. I suddenly felt like I was on a blind date, talking aimlessly until it was polite enough to leave. He asked if I lived alone. I said no, I had a roommate. He has a daughter. I have a boyfriend. He’s my dad’s age. I’m not attracted to this man, but don’t want to assume he’s hitting on me if he’s not. He’s probably just being nice. We walked back to work together and when I got back to my desk he said, "Nice talking to you today" and winked. Okay, it’s official. He likes me. Yikes!!!!