Axel Acosta Avila Family Pays Tribute to Their Son After Astroworld Tragedy

Lead Photo: Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images
Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images
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Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard. Saying goodbye to your kid, however, is an extra level of heartbreaking. That’s exactly what the parents of Axel Acosta Avila, one of the victims of the Astroworld Concert tragedy, attempted to do as they brought mariachi music to the Astroworld memorial as a way to celebrate their son. 

“Yo tengo un hogar, bello hogar, más allá del sol,” or “I have a home, a beautiful home on the other side of the sun,” the song, a common religious hymn sang during funerals says, in the video below, the family of Acosta hold pictures of their lost loved one. 

The Astroworld concert tragedy occurred as the crowd attending the music concert surged toward the front of the stage as Travis Scott performed his set. The Houston police are currently investigating what led to the surge. Eight people were killed, and hundreds were injured during the event. 

Families of the victims, many of them from our communities, have taken to social media to remember and memorialize the mostly young people who lost their lives in this avoidable tragedy. Scott released a statement via Twitter the morning after the tragedy, stating that he was “absolutely devastated” and offering his prayers to the “families and all those impacted by what happened.”

Lawsuits are expected against Scott, concert promoters, and the venue itself for not reacting swiftly to what Houston police described as a “mass casualty” event.