Babasonicos' Mucho = mucho familiar?

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Argentinian rock band (and Remezcla estaff mega-favorite) Babasónicos released their latest album Mucho yesterday, and we naturally have been listening to it on repeat here at Remezcla Headquarterz. 

So far, so good…. sounding very típico Babasónicos for the most part, a bit more produced than their last album Anoche (which we’re still obsessed with), but while listening for like the 7th time, we couldn’t help but notice that one of the tracks reminds us a lot of……


Huh?  Yeah.

And we have proof.  First, listen to/watch Juanes’s song "Me Enamora," to refresh your memory.  Then listen to the Babasónicos track "Cuello Rojo", particularly around 1 min 20 sec.

Hmmm. We still like it, but hmmm…

The song "Microdancing" reminds us a lot of Circo, and the rest reminds us a lot of, well, Babasónicos, which is a-ok.  You just need to listen to it a few times to catch all the witty lyrics and fall in love with yet another Babas album.

Babasónicos will be touring the US in May and June.  Check out more tracks from the album here and on their MySpace page.