Babasonicos debut "Cuello Rojo"

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It’s like Wii and Heavy Rain and those choose-your-own-adventure books all rolled into one. If they were lucky enough to feature a soundtrack by Babasonicos. Today, Argentina’s Festival Ciudad Emergente, a four-day conference of everything artsy that opens today, will premiere Babasonicos‘ new video, “Cuello Rojo,” the fifth track off the group’s ninth album, Mucho. But it’s not just your run-of-the-mill four minutes of sweaty dudes and children’s choirs and fast cars and hot chicks and every other epic rock music-vid staple. Instead, the seasoned musicians, alongside digital production company Fun Factory, have devised an interactive experience for “Cuello Rojo,” in which fans can enter the game through face recognition technology and then partake in the video process. Once you’re in, you can edit the video in real time and choose among five previously-recorded scenarios that are synchronized to the tune.

I know. Confusing. But it creates a unique experience for each user. It’s the first time it’s being done in Latin America and Festival Ciudad Emergente, now in its third year, is ready to unveil the novel form to fanboys and girls.

Estamos seguros que fans will freak for this. But, for those of us stuck in the continental U.S. of A., we’ll have to settle for a Babasonicos show. Poor us.

Catch them next in Chicago at Heineken Inspire alongside the Heineken MezclaSonic DJs. Also check below to see another Mucho vid, “Microdancing.