Are Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner (Really) Dating?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner were photographed exiting a Beverly Hills restaurant Saturday night (February 18), leaving some to speculate that the celebrity duo is now dating. This night-out comes on the heels of reports that the music artist and model were seen making out at a Los Angeles club earlier last week. 

Apparently, Bad Bunny and Jenner’s night out this past weekend was a double date with Justin and Hailey Bieber. In the photos posted by various outlets, they leave the restaurant separately and are surrounded by security. The images show Jenner being escorted through the front of the venue and Bad Bunny going through the back.

According to a source that spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “Kendall and Bad Bunny are attracted to each other and definitely have a flirty vibe.” The source added that they are “enjoying each other’s company and like each other” and that “it’s been fun for both of them so far.”

So, is this enough proof that Bad Bunny and Jenner are dating? At least one TikTok user explained why she believes these meet-ups are a manufactured way to ignite more publicity. For those interested in celebrity gossip, Bad Bunny and Jenner going on a date is buzz-worthy enough to garner attention, surely. Still, TikTok user Kyle Marisa Roth said consumers of the gossip should be aware.

Roth, a self-described “gossip activist” with over 250,000 followers, explained to her followers why the Bad Bunny and Jenner “date” was likely a stunt by their publicists. She points to the fact that the photos outlets like TMZ and Page Six published were allegedly taken by an entity known as Backgrid and that the news was reported by someone going by the pseudonym Deux Moi, who Roth alleges is “on the Kris Jenner (Kendall’s mother) payroll.”

“This is completely calculated,” Roth claims in a video. “This is a completely curated…gossip piece. ‘This is a scam!’ as Bethenny Frankel would say.”

Who knows what’s real in the tabloids these days, but the potential that Bad Bunny and Jenner shared a charcuterie plate at a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant was definitely enough to get people talking.