Bad Espanglish: Pulpo y Trenes

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Spanglish is a natural extension of the US Latino experience, a melding of English and Spanish into one. Sometimes this is awesome. Sometimes it’s pretty bad. With Bad Espanglish, Remezcla hopes to keep track of both. Have you seen some worthy Spanglish? Send it our way to


Anelith sent us this image from Miami:

Has anyone had “beyby” octopus before?

Miguel Madrid in Queens, NY shot us this image:

I’m not even sure the Spanglish is the problem, here, so much as the penmanship. “Cerca de”? “Cerca to”? TD2 train? Nevermind that it’s the 2 inch train…

We got this image from Wilfredo Ortiz in New Jersey, a place where everything is bad.

Fried fritters. Delicious shishkabot. The real star here, though, is the “alcapurreichon.” I don’t even know how that happened. (There’s a chance it’s got to do with Spanish grammar…think about it.)