Bad Espanglish: Special Juan Data Edition

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Spanglish is a natural extension of the US Latino experience, a melding of English and Spanish into one. Sometimes this is awesome. Sometimes it’s pretty bad. With Bad Espanglish, Remezcla hopes to keep track of the bad, the good, and the strangely translated. Have you seen some worthy mixings of English and Spanish? Send it our way to


The venerable Juan Data is a long time Remezcla Música contributor, writing, among other things, Your Mix Fix. Oh yeah, he’s also a sick San Francisco DJ that makes it a habit to craft insane Afro Latin Electronic Roots Music Party Mixes. Okay, fine, he’s a DJ first and a Remezcla contributor second; what I didn’t know was that he is apparently a long time collector of hilarious Spanish signs in San Francisco, and so when he came across earlier installments of Bad Espanglish, he was kind enough to share.

Juan Data sends us this gem from the Oakland Zoo. Como dice Data: “el ke quenta mas herrores ce gana una vizicleta!”

That made us laugh, so we asked for more. He sent us this, which we think qualifies, if only because “troqueros” is awesome.

He also sent this, which isn’t Spanglish, but jajajajaja POOP. (Also what is going on in that bottom picture?)

But Juan Data, of course, isn’t our only contributor. We got this from our film writer Vanessa Erazo.

That’s all, folks! Check back next week.