Band of the Day: Alerta Rocket

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Alerta Rocket is not just any rocket. It’s an indie rock skyrocket coming at you directly from Lima, Perú.

Although the band formed two yeads ago, 2009 was their year. Their single “Beiby” from their first album Alerta Rocket, was voted #26 on the 2009 MTV Latin America 100 Más Pedidos. They also went to Argentina to promote their music and played in festivals. It was so well accepted that their single was played on local radio. Right now they’re shooting the video for their second single “Dame mil”.

Their lyrics go from broken romances, unrequited love to every day life experiences that everybody has, all complementing their catchy indie rock melodies.

Here, the video for the single “Beiby” which has earned them so much recognition in such little amount of time.