Banksy takes on immigration, Sign Stolen!

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UPDATE: According to LA Weekly, Banksy’s “Caution” crossing sign once seen above has been stolen. First the Oscar, now this. Let the man live! The sign looks to have been carved out of the wall. These street punks are getting more elaborate every day. See pictures of the theft HERE.

British street artist Banksy, whose recent film Exit Through the Gift Shop is an Oscar contender this year, has applied his particular brand of political commentary to those borderline (no pun intended) offensive Mexican-Family-Crossing signs. The change is simple enough: the father flies a kite. They are no longer fugitive illegals, but a happy family of human beings, y’know, with needs and feelings and lives and all that stuff people leave out of the immigration issue because, well, it’s easier that way.

Kudos to you, Banksy. We hope you win that Oscar. There’s been a lot of weird British/Mexican relations stories lately, but this is our favorite.

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