After Visiting Argentina, President Barack Obama Is Totally Obsessed With Mate

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Though President Barack Obama’s visit to Argentina revolved around official business – namely meeting the newly elected President Mauricio Macri and recognizing his commitment to human rights – he couldn’t go home until he checked an item off his bucket list.

“When I was in college I would read [Jorge Luis] Borges or [Julio] Cortázar, these people, and they were drinking mate. And I didn’t know what this was,” he said. “So I knew when I finally arrived in Buenos Aires, I would try some, and I just had some and it was quite good.”

“Quite good” is an understatement, however. During his visit to Argentina, Barack talked about his new favorite beverage every chance he got. In a video compiled by Now This, he mentioned it by name four times, and then joked that he’d also take some home with him.

President Obama Likes To Sip On Mate TeaPresident Obama tried mate, a special kind of tea in Argentina, — and he can’t stop talking about it

Posted by NowThis on Friday, March 25, 2016