This Colombian Man Dresses up as Batman to Help People Find Their Stolen Cars & Motorcycles

Lead Photo: Photo by Natalie Semendeeva / EyeEm
Photo by Natalie Semendeeva / EyeEm
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In the DC Comics universe, Batman is a millionaire turned vigilante saving Gotham from Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and other super villains. In Colombia, Batman is an employee of Alarmas GPS LM3D, and he’s helping locals recover their stolen vehicles.

Dressed in a Batman mask and an all-black ensemble, the unnamed man uses an antitheft device to track down stolen cars in Cali. “We are a small company that installs satellite tracking, GPS for cars and motorcycles,” the Batman said, according to Caracol. “And we offer clients an escort so they can retrieve their cars. [The] aim is to provide support and security and ensure that authorities do their work in a transparent way.”

In the three years since the company launched its tracking equipment, it has received 16 complaints of stolen vehicles, all of which the Cali-based Batman has successfully found.

Check him out in action below.