Be Your Own (Virtual) Dictator

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Juanes has made a ruckus recently by announcing he will perform in Havana for the first time at a peace concert in September.

But in the video game world, geeks are not that politically sensitive. In fact, they are ruthless. Many are impatiently waiting for the chance to rule their own Caribbean island and be virtual dictators. Yes! When Tropico Reloaded 3 goes on sale this September, you’ll be able to take command of your own Banana Republic as “El Presidente“!

Tropico Reloaded 3 is a third in the series and takes place in a fictional Caribbean island of Tropico, an amalgamation of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and well, the entire region of Central America. As El Presidente, you are able to create your own persona or pick from a variety of real-life Latin dictators such as Fidel Castro, Augusto Pinochet and all-around Dominican psycho, Rafael Trujillo. Think SimCity and other management games but with a strong emphasis on real-life politics and appeasing the military, the U.S and the U.S.S.R.

The folks at Kalypso Media have done their research. We give them authenticity points for their “Latin soundtrack”  and for including a vibrant civil society with intellectuals, conservatives, the army and others can either back you in your bid for power or become your enemy.  Besides that, certain historical events play out, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the collaspe of the Soviet Union and the Pope’s visit to Cuba.

In short, while it may be an odd choice to make a game on a less than lighthearted topic, the truth is, I can’t wait for it and besides, who wouldn’t want to lead a junta and issue presidential decrees?

Here’s the teaser trailer in glorious HD. Remember to get your military uniform ready!